A Little Lunch Date at Wang Sushi

Yesterday, Matt and I went out for lunch at a great little spot called Wang Sushi. They advertise themselves as Asian Fusion, so they offer a little bit of everything. One thing in particular I really enjoy is that they offer bubble tea (because it’s usually pretty hard to find around here).

We decided to stick to the lunch menu, which is offered from 11 AM to 3:30 PM and comes with white rice and your choice of soup. Matt got the Korean BBQ pork and I got the pork mei fun (which actually doesn’t come with rice since it’s a noodle dish). We both got hot and sour soup.


I also ordered a honeydew bubble tea which was super fruity and refreshing. It also had a bunch of tapioca balls, which made me happy. The soup was tolerably spicy, but full of flavor. It had chunks of tofu and wisps of egg throughout the broth. Matt ordered his dish extra spicy, but as I tasted it, I decided it was markedly less spicy than authentic Korean food – but it was still very good. My pork dish was also delicious. There were chunks of carrots and green onion, and everything was very well-seasoned.


Even though we had lunch portions, Matt and I were both very full by the time we left. So, we decided to take a drive to Island Heights and walk around near the water to help us digest. There were so many gorgeous Victorian houses to look at, too. Eventually, we sat in the shade for a while and watched the water until we decided it was time to go home.

How did you spend your day?


All About That Food

Food is a huge part of my relationship with Matt and our daily activities. We are almost always eating, cooking, watching videos about food, looking at pictures of food, or just plain thinking about the next meal we’re going to have together. It makes us really happy and we love to see others get excited about food, too.

Even when we’re not with each other, we like to share what we’re eating or, mostly in Matt’s case, cooking. Since we worked opposite schedules yesterday, we used pictures to let each other know what was on our plates.

I went to Chipotle after work and, while I love their food, I don’t usually go too often. I got a burrito bowl with barbacoa, brown rice, pinto beans, mild salsa, corn salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. It’s pretty much my standard order. It was so good! I even got to enjoy it by a sunny window seat right next to the heater (it was quite cold and windy out).


Matt had a slow day at P.F. Chang’s, so he had some time to have fun with sushi. He ended up making a roll with spicy tuna, scallions, and shrimp tempura inside. It was topped with seared and marinated ahi tuna, avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo, chives, and crunchies. I’m so jealous I wasn’t able to try it!


How does food influence your everyday life? What do you find special about it? Please share with us!

An Asian Fusion Feast

Today, Matt and I had both had the day off, so we decided to spend it together. He came to pick me up around 12:30 and we went to Five Below to look for a portable speaker. Instead, we left with a selfie stick. We may or may not have officially become “those people.”

After, we went across the street to Applebee’s for a quick drink. Matt had the Evil Genius #Adulting, an American IPA, and I had the Rogue Hazelutely Choctabulous, a milk/sweet stout. We also got to sample a few other beers (thanks Kelsey!).

Matt and I were getting pretty hungry, so we decided to go have lunch at Koi Asian Fusion Lounge. The menu was incredibly expansive and featured not only sushi, but Chinese and Thai style dishes, as well as ramen.

Matt ordered the chirashi, which is an assortment of raw fish and rice. We were surprised by how much was included and how thick the pieces were. Our dish had salmon, tuna, white tuna, yellowtail, tamago, crab stick, and fluke. Additionally, the presentation was absolutely gorgeous; the plate was even decorated with flowers!

I ordered the Thai pineapple fried rice with chicken, and that certainly didn’t disappoint either. It came served in a whole pineapple. There were cashews and raisins and big, juicy chunks of fruit. I loved the fresh cilantro and hint of curry seasoning, too. Definitely hit the spot.

After we finished eating, we went back to my house to watch some of our favorite YouTube channels. All in all, an absolutely lovely day.

What did you do today?

Sushi and Stir Fry and Beer! Oh My!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Last night, Matt and I celebrated a little early since we are both going to be working late tonight. I had worked until 7, and went straight to Matt’s house where he was working on a delicious feast.

To start, he put together a plate of blue cheese (my favorite), crackers, and white grapes. He paired it with Brooklyn Brewery’s limited edition Bel Air Sour, which was phenomenal. It was tart and dry, yet refreshing. If you can find it near you, go and try it. Seriously. You won’t regret it.


Then, Matt made a trio of salmon sushi: nigiri (thinly sliced raw fish over vinegared rice), a heart-shaped roll, and a spicy roll. He also decorated the plate with sriracha hearts which were too too cute. For the main course, he cooked up a beef and pork stir fry with carrots, onions, broccoli, and yellow bell peppers. It was super tasty, and I couldn’t stop eating it. The sauce included soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, sriracha, and corn starch. Yum!

After dinner, we played some video games and watched TV. Just a comfy night in spending time together.

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? How are you celebrating?