Great Local Eats: Mexico Lindo

This afternoon, Matt and I made an impromptu visit to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for lunch. Mexico Lindo, in Brick, is actually where we had one of our first dates. We discovered it last summer while on the hunt for a good burrito. It’s small and easy to miss, but once you’re inside you feel like you’re in a good friend’s kitchen.

The staff, particularly the owner, is incredibly friendly and accommodating. Each time we’ve gone to eat there, he has gone out of his way to make genuine conversation with us. While Matt and I were looking over the [extensive] menu, we were brought tortilla chips with fresh, flavorful salsa. To drink, we ordered some tamarind-flavored Jarritos soda. Not too sweet, but very refreshing.


For lunch, Matt ordered the poblano burrito with mole sauce. It was literally the size of his arm and stuffed with chicken, fluffy yellow rice, beans, and poblano peppers. The mole was rich and chocolatey. So tasty! I had the shrimp taco platter. The tacos came in corn tortillas with yellow rice, refried beans, and a tangy salsa verde.


We left completely satisfied, practically in food comas. There are so many other things I would love to try on the menu. Some of our other favorites are the shrimp burrito and the pork verde burrito. When we went last summer, we got to eat outside on their patio. It’s modest, but there is something so satisfying about eating great food outside. Additionally, the prices are reasonable and the portions are very generous.

Unfortunately, Mexico Lindo doesn’t have a website, but I’ll leave the info below in case you’re in the area and would like to go there:

Mexico Lindo

2063 NJ-88

Brick, NJ 08724

What are some of your favorite Mexican dishes? Feel free to share with us!


All About That Food

Food is a huge part of my relationship with Matt and our daily activities. We are almost always eating, cooking, watching videos about food, looking at pictures of food, or just plain thinking about the next meal we’re going to have together. It makes us really happy and we love to see others get excited about food, too.

Even when we’re not with each other, we like to share what we’re eating or, mostly in Matt’s case, cooking. Since we worked opposite schedules yesterday, we used pictures to let each other know what was on our plates.

I went to Chipotle after work and, while I love their food, I don’t usually go too often. I got a burrito bowl with barbacoa, brown rice, pinto beans, mild salsa, corn salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. It’s pretty much my standard order. It was so good! I even got to enjoy it by a sunny window seat right next to the heater (it was quite cold and windy out).


Matt had a slow day at P.F. Chang’s, so he had some time to have fun with sushi. He ended up making a roll with spicy tuna, scallions, and shrimp tempura inside. It was topped with seared and marinated ahi tuna, avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo, chives, and crunchies. I’m so jealous I wasn’t able to try it!


How does food influence your everyday life? What do you find special about it? Please share with us!