Cooking at Home: Korean Style Lettuce Wraps

Sometimes, I seriously crave Korean food. When I lived there, I obviously got to eat it anytime I wanted. It was so much fun being able to go out and try new things with friends. I especially loved how communal dining in Korea was. At most restaurants, the food was cooked right at the table and you usually cooked part of not all of your meal yourself.

I’m really happy that I’ve introduced Matt to Korean cuisine because now he always wants to cook it!

Last night, we decided to make Korean style lettuce wraps. For protein, we used chicken and cooked it in a dak galbi inspired sauce. Dak galbi is a spicy stir fried chicken dish featuring flavors like gochujang, gochugaru, soy sauce, curry powder, garlic, and ginger. It definitely had a kick to it, but it was delicious! The traditional dish also includes sweet potato, carrot, cabbage, and rice cakes. (If you’re interested, there’s a recipe here.)


Matt also makes his own kimchi (cabbage and cucumber). The cabbage kind is not my favorite, but I always enjoy the cucumber. He also made pickled Korean radish, spicy bean sprouts, sauteed mushrooms, chives, and shiso (we didn’t have Perilla leaves, which are typical in Korean cuisine). For the wraps, we used red lettuce. Matt and I had so much fun mixing and matching all the veggies in our wraps to see which flavor combinations worked the best. It was probably the most authentic Korean dinner he’s made to date.

Have you ever made Korean food at home? What’s your favorite dish?