A Little Lunch Date at Wang Sushi

Yesterday, Matt and I went out for lunch at a great little spot called Wang Sushi. They advertise themselves as Asian Fusion, so they offer a little bit of everything. One thing in particular I really enjoy is that they offer bubble tea (because it’s usually pretty hard to find around here).

We decided to stick to the lunch menu, which is offered from 11 AM to 3:30 PM and comes with white rice and your choice of soup. Matt got the Korean BBQ pork and I got the pork mei fun (which actually doesn’t come with rice since it’s a noodle dish). We both got hot and sour soup.


I also ordered a honeydew bubble tea which was super fruity and refreshing. It also had a bunch of tapioca balls, which made me happy. The soup was tolerably spicy, but full of flavor. It had chunks of tofu and wisps of egg throughout the broth. Matt ordered his dish extra spicy, but as I tasted it, I decided it was markedly less spicy than authentic Korean food – but it was still very good. My pork dish was also delicious. There were chunks of carrots and green onion, and everything was very well-seasoned.


Even though we had lunch portions, Matt and I were both very full by the time we left. So, we decided to take a drive to Island Heights and walk around near the water to help us digest. There were so many gorgeous Victorian houses to look at, too. Eventually, we sat in the shade for a while and watched the water until we decided it was time to go home.

How did you spend your day?


A Korean Food Oasis in Edison

Today, Matt and I decided to have a little adventure and visit the H-Mart in Edison, NJ. For those of you don’t know, H-Mart is a supermarket chain that specializes in Asian groceries (predominantly Korean). It wasn’t too far from Ocean County and as we pulled into the parking lot, we realized that there were several Korean restaurants, a jjimjilbang, a Daiso (which is a popular discount store in Japan and Korea), and a Paris Baguette (one of my favorite Korean cafes) in the same shopping center.

There was a large food court and a beautiful display of Japanese and Korean snacks as soon as we walked in. The produce department had a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Near the back of the store, the seafood department boasted tanks and tanks of live fish. Many of the containers were even self-serve. It was really nice to see products I hadn’t seen since leaving Korea. Matt and I loved looking at the snacks, ramyeun, and cookware. There were cosmetics, clothing, and accessory shops. We also might have bought a super spicy ramyeun bowl to try.

After making our way through H-Mart, we were getting hungry for lunch. We looked in the window at a Korean BBQ buffet, but it was a little more than we were looking to spend this afternoon. Matt and I ultimately settled on So Kong Dong Tofu House. He had really wanted to get the naengmyeon (cold noodle soup), but we were told it was a summer specialty. Instead, Matt got the “very spicy” seafood tofu soup and I got the hot stone bibimbap. Our meal was served with cabbage kimchi, cucumber kimchi, marinated fish cakes, bean sprouts, and a lettuce salad.

Everything was delicious. My bibimbap was piping hot, and I let it sit before mixing everything together so the rice could get a little crispy on the bottom (that’s totally the best part). Matt’s soup came with lots of shrimp, clams, and silken tofu. Out of all the banchan, my favorite was definitely the cucumber kimchi. Matt’s was the fish cakes.

When we finished lunch, we went to another Asian grocery called 99 Ranch Market. It wasn’t as big as H-Mart, but it also had a pretty big selection of products. Inside, there was a CoCo Bubble Tea. I got the winter melon and Matt got traditional bubble tea. Mine was sweet and unexpectedly cinnamon-y, but I like it.

Do you like Korean food? What are some of your favorite dishes?